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Italy is a growing destination for international students and expatriates. Thousands of young women and men coming from all over the world move to Italy looking for training, internships and job opportunities.

Those skilled people represent a great resource within the Italian society since they work with enthusiasm and commitment in order to maximize Italy’s unique opportunities in the cultural heritage, as well as art, food, fashion and niche technology fields.

WeCanJob is the Italian online career planning and career exploration resource addressing “this world”. Wecanjob offers proprietary IT solution guiding users forward to superior vision and new options of career path

User friendly and interactive interface (dynamic and eye-catching information, easy wording, and multimedia video content) offers several and customized services:

  • consistent and reliable career information (detailed job descriptions, training and education requirements, professional trends and earning)
  • orientation services (personality test, career simularion, capability games)
  • push and pull interaction (chat rooms, Q&A to experts, etc.)
  • daily news on internships, job days and events
  • weekly reports and statistics on Italian labour market dynamics.

Customization is mainly carried out by offering:

  • News in English dedicated to international students and expatriates in the free area of the website
  • Dashboard’s self-configuration for subscribers. This tool allows users to both receive dedicated news and contact our team of analysts and experts (in English, French, German and Spanish) and have access to the above mentioned advanced services.

Services are available free of chargeBasic registration is required. 

“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi


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